One Halloween Apron

What a super productive day today has been!! and its not finished with yet, I still hope to bake a batch of brownies by midnight!
The Halloween apron I started last week was finished just minutes ago...didn't wait to iron it I was so pleased it went so well, much better than the first one I made for my sister last year.
I wouldn't mind embellishing a bit just to break up the pattern but I didn't want a pocket....hmmmmmm there must be a supplier somewhere who still stocks those little pom pom trims...I can just see a line of orange ones on the the bottom!

Well must dash brownie time!!


angelique said...

I love reading your blog so much that I have tagged you for a meme. Do it only if you feel like it. cheers

vivian said...

they sell those pompom trims here at Joann etc. they do have an online store as well.. if you cant find them anywhere, I could get you some and mail them to you!

BlackCrow said...

Hi angelique!
thanks for visiting and the meme invite! Everyone that knows me can tell you I'm a party pooper, an old stuick in the mud and many other phrases!
So I'm sorry but meme's at this time I can't do.:)
Hi Vivian....thanks for letting me know about the trim! I'll let you know how I go.Can I pay you through paypal, if I get stuck?

blackie said...

oh a halloween apron..i hadn't thought of that. any excuse! Black Crow patchwork shop usually has some good bobble trim.

BlackCrow said...

Thanks for that Blackie!!