Happy Halloween!!

Halloween comes but once a year,but that's the day that Doris fears.
Lollies and trinkets will never do!
Goblins, Gremlins and Ooggaly Booggaly's come out to play.
They visit old Doris, and all night they stay.
At her wits end, poor frail Doris succumbsand gives into their whims,
by taking them all to see a movie and buy them popcorn.


Marita said...

Boo to you too! Great/creepy Halloween display.

Bird Bath said...

what a lovely creepy crowd you have created there - happy halloween to you too!

blackie said...

I think every day must be a bit like halloween round your place!

vivian said...

you crack me up! love all your picks and your poem/story! and I love that orange knitted monster in the first picture!

Malphi said...

I've just found you through Flickr...and love your work!

BlackCrow said...

Thank you everyone. I do love Halloween I wish it was more in our culture!