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I am one happy little black crow! yesterday was my birthday and look what arrived!

 Yep, my copy of PRIMS, and can you guess who is inside?
 My donkeys!!
Words really can't describe just how proud and amazed I feel.  Prims is a beautiful magazine dedicated to bringing together like minded artisans from all parts of the globe, even the tiny island of Tasmania. My donkeys are in such wonderful company, Kristen Sunby and her glorious Canfolk, Karen Brady Hammontree and her colourful French fashion bears, Lorraine Young from Cornwall, England with Mr and Mrs Green...and so many, many others!
All the donkeys featured in the article,have all but sold except for Jeff , second from the right, he is waiting in my etsy shop.A big thank you to everyone who has bought my work over the years and supported me no my blogs!


Twiglet said...

Well done you!!! I love the little donkeys. x Jo

vivian said...

I picked it up last week when I saw that it was out and imagine my surprise when I saw you in it. YOu know, then I have to show people, "look, this is my friend Grace in TASMANIA!" and of course followed by, I have three of her pieces... a bunny and elephant and a halloween dude!" well, not sure how impressed anyone else is, but I am!!
congrats.. maybe I need a donkey!
have a great day

Mary Ann said...


Grace Garton said...

Thank you everyone!
Vivian you are just wonderful!

akyol_akyol said...

Hello! Iam from Russia (my English is not well) and I like your art a lot! Congradulation! I ordered this magazine some days ago and its big surprise to see your works there!

Sarah B said...

How exciting Grace! Very thrilling. And a very happy belated birthday to you!

Stampington and Company said...

We shared your blog post on our Twitter account @Stampington! :)


Thank you for sharing your excitement with us. We're equally excited to feature your work!

Carlin said...

How wonderful for the Prims feature article!! The donkeys are such little darlings. Congrats!


Eli Bichita said...

hello Grace!

They are very funny!!! I love your creations!!! I will follow you)))
Congratulation !!!!