Butterfly challenge

 I think I'm hooked, yes I do believe I'm loving digital collage! And tonight I've entered in a butterfly challenge hosted by Kirsi Iggy Rouvinen from itkupilli,, an amazing Finish digital artist, whose work is incredibly inspiring!
For this collage I used a photo of my 'Netty doll' and pages from my traveling doll journal I made a few years ago. The butterflies were provided by Krisi, via Dover press.
Torn journal pages from CryztalRain,  purchased from Deviant Scrap, only this morning!
When I put this piece together I was thinking about the insect draw you find in museums, all those specimens pinned in time, frozen in place for ever.
For now I'm happy with this result, tomorrow morning might be a different story...and with that I bid you all a good night.


Tiffany said...

Your creation is BEAUTIFUL!

Lizbethem said...

Grace, this is superb. Love that doll.xx

EarlK said...

Wonderfully done. The texturing is terrific. Your dolls are beautiful and unique. I love your cat in a wooly jumper.


Cheryl Dossey said...

Wonderful!! I really like your unique style...very sweet and whimsical.

sirkkis said...

This is so gorgeous art piece. Love your layerings and the doll is amazingly alive!

CATHY said...

This is a wonderful collage. And I love the little girl on the bird at the top of your blog.

Carlin said...

I soooo love your collage ... it is so warm and endearing. I could study it for hours. Great piece!