On time and feeling a little Frenchy!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful break over Easter. Feeling a little sad to farewell March, as now the year feels like it's going to speed along. At least it's autumn here for us in Australia, Summer was too hot this time around, our raspberries and plumbs cooked on their branches!
The surrounding grasslands dried up, the water evaporated from the river across from us because of the heat and hot winds. We had a few spot firs near us but nothing like that was happening elsewhere around the state.
So now we are heading into April, I'm going to make a list!I feel changes are afoot for Little black Crow Studio. I haven't decided on anything exactly but I feel I do need to rethink what I'm doing.
Enough about me what are you up to, any plans for April, do you have a list?

I had a bit of fun with my Marie Antoinette painting for this months free calender, adding a bit of digital bling.
What do you think?
Let me know if it fits your screen or not.
cheerio and au revoir!

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rgarton said...

looking beautifully on my desktop!