A Bilby!

Look what just hopped out of my studio today, a bilby!!!
And what timing it being Easter and all! Don't know what a bilby is? it's Australia's answer to the Easter Bunny! Bilbies are very sweet and shy little fellows and are in grave danger from extinction due to loss of habitat and feral predators like foxes and cats. This is my first bilby and I'll be making more, and like my Tasmanian Devils 10% of all sales will go into saving the bilby!
Here's a few drawings I made before I started. The first sketches where quickly but realistically drawn and then characterized.

Making his little jumper and top was great fun, I'm learning new tricks knitting these tiny clothing, like picking up the stitches around the arm holes and knitting the sleeves on the round! I'm very happy with this little fella, but I'm going to try and hand paint the next one as bilbies are light grey and white. This one was coffee stained and his jumper and top replaced his body colour. We'll see how I go. In the meantime have a safe and happy Easter!
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Rois said...

Oh squeeee he is super!

Tilly Tea Dance said...

Little Bilby is perfect! x Jo

Chris said...

What a cute Bilby, hope he goes into your shop oneday!

Carol Roll said...

Had to see what a Bilby looked like! Too cute!!!!!

Jhordan Kee said...

Nice work and its so cute!

Mäsywi-Bären said...

oh my gott, a sweet little mouse . suppi

hugs from sylvia