wrist cuff, give away

Want to be in the running to win one of my wrist cuffs?
All you need to do is leave a comment with your wrist measurement,color preference and email!
These cuffs are a new design by me. I machine stitched them and added one of my little embroidered hoodie girl portraits, don't you think she's cute?
Winner's name will be selected through a random number generator on the 22nd of July.

Go on get your measuring tapes out and enter!

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Anonymous said...

17cm, green and my email is mermaidsdreaming@dcsi.net.au
Thanks for the chance to win one - they are absolutely gorgeous!
Vanessa Witschi

Joyce van der Lely said...

Of course I want to be in to win one of those magical wristbands ♥♥♥ Miss Grace !!!!! 18 cm and green or blue is my fav :) youngatartdownunder@gmail.com
Thanks for the opportunity ♥

Emma said...

They are beautiful!
17cm I love the reds and green like the one in the photo. I also love light blue
Thank you!

TinaW said...

Your cuff is lovely! 7 inches and red. Thank you!

Jamie said...

Beautiful work as always!
Wrist : 17cm
Email: musick@bigpond.net.au
Thanks, Cath

Maddo said...

Gorgeous work ! I would be happy with whatever colour combination you chose :) I think this would look amazing in any colour :)
Wrist : 18.5cm
email is maddabling at hotmail dot com

Best wishes for lots of participation in your lovely giveaway xo

ziggy stardust said...

Any color 7 inches around. I would love the surprise! My email is kattiusska@hitmail.com. Thanks!


Kim Henkel said...

Gorgeous wrist cuff! I have been away from computerland for a while so missed the draw, but thought I would let you know my wrist size. I have a small wrist, and tend to have trouble getting bracelets etc. to fit. My wrist is 15 cm. Good luck with your new product! Looks amazing!