Meet Bob and Christine

Meet Bob and Christine two friendly Tasmanian devils. You can catch them both at my Etsy shop. More photos to be seen on Etsy. This photo was taken just outside my studio today. Its my favorite part of the garden where the lichen and moss grow. The colors are amazing in the evening, the green of the moss seems to become more vibrant.
This area of the midlands was once home to many Tasmanian devils are now rarely seen and those that have been spotted carry the cancerous facial tumor. 
20% of sales goes towards save the devil program. I'm happy to say that donations have already been made.


Sarah B said...

Hi Grace, these are adorable and I love that you care enough to donate money to the cause. Pity the government didn't do the same!!

vivian said...

hi Grace.. love your little devil dolls! I cant remember what tazmanian devil looks like so Im going to google it in just a minute. Have a great day!