I'm back!

My Mum and I
 I'm back...but I guess nobody knew I'd left. Why couldn't I tell anyone?? Because my trusty laptop decided to breakdown on me, leaving me unable to communicate with anyone for 3 weeks! I went to Sydney to visit my mum and her husband, they are going through some tough times together. I had a great time with my mum and sister, wished I could have stayed longer but was very happy to be able to lend a hand during the time I was there.

Detail of the Enchanted forest.
 Nice to be back home...lots of catching up to do...last touches on paintings for an exhibition at Rebecca Roth's gallery at Salamanca, starts this weekend till the end of June. 13 paintings all up..the theme is based on Fairytale's and enchanted forests.
A few new dolls are in the pipe line, lots of new adventures and learning new skills are planned for the up coming months too. You can see more of this painting and 12 others from my Enchanted Forest series HERE


Doone said...

ha - of course we missed you,

I thought you must be painting, but family is the best reason to be in the 'real' rather than the virtual world...

Hope things are getting better for you and yours,


Isabel said...

Yes you where missed!!! Glad you had a great time with your mom and sis, love the painting:O) Have an awesome day!!!!:O)

Dawn in the Forest said...

Glad your back:) Can't wait to see some new dolls.....and as always your paintings are wonderful. Wishing you a wonderful week:)

Chrisy said...

So good to be there for family...it's a precious thing...your work certainly doesn't seem to have suffered from the absence!

Carlin said...

Hi, LBC ~
So glad you're back and looks like you have really been busy! Missed you terribly!

BlackCrow said...

thank you all so much...I agree Chrisy families are very precious.
New dolls coming up soon I promise!

mahesh said...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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