Art prints

New to my Etsy shop are these two reproduction prints from two of my most favorite paintings I completed last year. The top one 'La Sirena' was painted during my online class with Suzi Blu, and was featured on her blog last year! The bottom painting titled, 'He Marches To The Tune Of His Own Drum' was a small mixed media painting with lots of layers and found objects it was one of the first paintings sold in my new mixed media style.

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Saskia said...

Gorgeous work, you're so talented! :)

Doone said...

I love my edgy cute mermaid, I'm keeping an eye open for any new classes, she is inspiring is our Suzi Blu,

we love looking at your painting that I bought every day

hope the etsy shop is doing well,


Chrisy said...

oh honey your blog is looking soooo good!

JDConwell said...

LOVE the drummer kid painting. Love it.

Clare said...

i love the little drumer boy - your art is delightful with a little chilling twist