Meet Susie MacMahons doll...Xanthe

This gorgeous doll, Xanthe by Susie MacMahon arrived on my front door early March, she was naked although she had a pair of lustrous robins egg blue boots on. She soon became familiar to her surroundings and I often found her sketching my plants in our garden.
After many hours of discussions with Xanthe and perusing many clothing magazines we found the perfect undergarmants for her.
 Made from cotton the petticoat has French seams down the sides and pin stitching to hold the lace in place. The bloomers are an 18th century design. I learned a whole bunch of new skill making these two garments!

By the time Xanthe left I had knitted her a over sized brown cardigan and red beret, made a tote bag, filled with art supplies, some old letters from her mum, sketch book and what I think is a drawing of her from an admirer! Xanthe is now traveling to Western Australia to visit Kailee from Sofia LaLa!
Kailee's doll, Little Bones, arrived the other morning, after Susie had painted and created a wild hair do for her...I'll post up some photo's of Little Bones at the end of may once they have been posted to the TDP site....it's a surprise!
You can read more about Xanthe and the other art doll at the official Traveling Doll Project blog...You can also catch up on Netty's progress!

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Гульчёнок said...

Браво!!Безумно красиво!

Dawn in the Forest said...

I love Xanthe! You did a wonderful job on her clothes, they look like they are meant just for her:)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Beautiful clothing! Xanthe looks so lovely.

Chrisy said...

Saw that beautiful creature sitting in my sidebar and had to come on over for a visit...oh she is just a treasure...and the undergarments, clothes and accessories are perfect (would love to read the old letters from her mum!)...bet it was hard to send her off...

Bearly Sane said...

Had a lot of reading to catch up on. Good to see you still having fun!