Meet Netty my Art Dolls Only Traveling Doll Project

 A month or so ago Art Dolls Only started another 'Traveling Doll Project'. I think this is the 4th one! As I hadn't participated in one before I was determined to give it a go this year. And this year it was divided into lots of groups and we were fortunate enough to have an Australian team! Only three of us but what a terrific team...we are called the Kooky-Burra's...don't know who came up with that one...but its cool! Apart from myself the other two doll makers are Kailee in Perth, from Sophia-LaLa and Susie MacMahon from Tasmania and you can find Susie's blog here
Both are amazing and talented artists and doll makers. I urge you to go visit the, they both have etsy shops too and yo will find the links on their blogs.
 So how does this project work...well as soon as my doll was finished she was shipped to Kailee. Kailee finished her doll and sent it to Susie. Susie sent her doll to me. We add all sorts of clothing, jewelry or what ever, add a story or two in the journal and send her onto the next person. So the doll will eventually go back to its owner complete with a whole new look and history!

In the beginning, I made a cloth body with button bead joints. Heavily distressed with coffee and baked in the oven. her head, arms and legs are paper mache, I used Plasticine to make the mold from. I then gessoed the parts several times, sanding in between. Painted two coats with white acrylic paint, one layer of crackle medium. When dried I used raw umber paint to rub into the cracks.
 A close up of the head and limbs. With the head I lightly painted in pink cheeks and red lips. I wanted the doll to have a very worn look.

 Her she is with all her limbs and head attached.
To accompany Netty, we also had to make and write a journal. For me this was the most daunting. fortunately I had just downloaded a journal making vid from Suzi Blu, so this gave me some great ideas and a starting point.
I'd love to see how she's going...I know that she is soon on her way to Susie and I'll be sending Susie's doll to Kailee soon!
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Susie McMahon said...

Oooh! I love her.....can't wait to get my hands on her!! Actually I really like her just how she is ;-)

BlackCrow said...

Oh , you looked!! I thought you were in the US:)

Jodie said...

How long will it take until she is back with you ? what a great idea!

Inn Country said...

what an amazing job you have done! I love it all. Have a beautiful weekend Lisa