Happy Valentines day!

What an intersting day out we had. Not only is it valentines day but also the wooden boat festival was on.
Some of you may know that I do love the nautical life! Here are a few pics taken just a few hours ago!

The figure head from the James Craig.

This years wooden boat festival was special for a friend of ours Rod, who last year finished building his 26 ft couta boat in his backyard. This was his first time at the wooden boat festival with his own boat!
Oh but this is also Valentines day...and to commemorate this day of amour...I left to little dolls around Hobart, each carrying their own little felted heart. One of the tags has instructions for the new owner to participate in a World wide Valentines Treasure hunt that Artisans Creating Outside The Line is hosting
Good luck little dollies...I hope we hear where you traveled too!

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Angelcat said...

lovely photos of the boat festival. And those are going to be some lucky people who find your beautiful dolls.

Sarah B said...

Wasn't it a great weekend for the boat festival? It really made me miss going out on the water as our boat is being 'fixed up'.
Wow, seeing your dolls makes me want to run down to the wharf/parks and look for one. Lucky people!

JDConwell said...

Wow, that looks like fun. As a self-taught sailor with only muddy North Texas lakes to sail in, my Daddy would have been in heaven there. :~)

Kara said...

Amazing boats! And the weather looks beautiful too. What I wouldn't give for a little sun here in the Northwest. I hope your dolls find wonderful new homes!

Mattydolls said...

Happy Valentines Day!
Love the photos of the boat festival! I want the mermaid that's on one of the boats! lol
Your little dollies are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace,

Your blog design is looking awesome! I posted similar pictures of the boat festival too, wasn't it great!

wishing you a wonderful weekend.