Discombobulated Black Bunny, sef portait. I made her for the Art Dolls Challenge, 'Animal totem. this was our first challenge for the year. She is a mixed media doll made from cloth and paper mache...and why do I hear you ask didn't I make her a little black crow or my Chinese zodiac, which is a wood dragon?? Because it's year of the bunny!! Check her out she is up for sale in my ETSY shop.

What else has been happening...well Little Black Crow's ears have been burning again...Samamra from Maddabling contacted me the other week wondering if I would be interested in being interviewed..yes I was and you can read about it here... you will find other wonderful articles and featured artists...I found out about a beautiful fiber artist Lizet Frijters. you can find her etsy shop here...I could look at her bags and shawls for hours!
Well I'm off to do a bit of gardening and then it's back in the studio!
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Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

She is wonderful.

JDConwell said...

She is darling. So...not that it matters--but do you have ears like that? Cool.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

She's fabulous!!! I love her. :) And congrats on the interview - that's wonderful news indeed! Theresa

BlackCrow said...

Thanks everyone...JDConwell...only when they are burning!

Whosies said...

love the idea of having it on a platform and posed.

gbloom studio said...

I love your art work! I saw some of your stuff on Suzi blu. I just wanted to say "hi"