Back home and busy!!

How long has it been, I don't know...but boy there has been some changes. Wow look at all of you following my blog, 206 people!!! I better get back into the flow of things or you all might get bored! I had a great time whilst away full of renewed energy, inspiration and new friends!
The last three weeks was spent in Sydney with my sister, Annette and her husband, Ian,....(my sister has a little blog, its early days but worth a little peek!). I was there for her sons wedding, Bill and his lovely partner Karren. I knitted Karren's garter that she wore on the day.

It was a hoot, loud V8 falcons, great food, music and terrific people. Annette and I had a wonderful time together doing lots of girly things..like SHOPPING, love it. We were treated to some awesome food by Ian who is a top cook, his curries and Moroccan style dishes are rich with flavor, smells, colour and textures, yum, yum! Needless to say I was a lapsed vegetarian during this stay....Tofu for 2 months was good but I was craving for a something with blood in its veins! Back to my vegetarian ways now:)
And it is good to be back with my partner, PIG and our kitty Ned and Big Bunny..although Big Bunny was in a bit of a bad way he nearly lost his eye probably through Ned and him play fighting:( but Pig's been looking after him with eye drops and antibiotics and Big Bunny looks like he is well on his way back to his old grumpy self.
And if I was spoiled by Annette and Ian I've been tripled spoiled by Pig, presents , gourmet vegetarian cooking, wine and cocktails, I don't want to ever wake up!!
But as the days roll by I have to remind myself there is lots of paintings to complete, competitions to enter, markets to sign up to and doll orders to fulfill.
I've already had three of my little paintings sold at a group exhibition called, 'Rainy Days'. If you are in Hobart near Salamanca go and check it out the gallery is called Cube (art + design). Lots of wonderful art there and all painted on the same 10 x 10 cm wooden blocks.

cheers for now and I'll drop in for visits to your blogs soon!

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Killiecrankie Farm said...

great garter ! the redness is just superb - sounds like you had a great outing.

Doone said...

nice to see you back on the tinterweb -

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Black Crow,

Welcome home!

We did miss you, but knew it was something you needed to do and would benefit you, so we waited it out.

I do hope you have lots of goodies to show us now that you are home.

I am glad you had a lovely time and that all is well.

Hugs, Euphoria

Jess said...

Oh I how I have missed the GRACE - and all of the Gracisms...lol. I hope you are happy to be home - LOVE your paintings - wow - you amaze me :)


vivian said...

hey Grace! welcome home. LOVE your paintings!!!
have a great week

Laura said...

Sweeet paintings!! :D