resurrecting something old

with all this Alice In Wonderland art happening just about every blog you go to I thought I will show you this project I started in 2006. Actually the conception started many years before that and I will post some of my sketches up soon. It's a good time to try and finish this work as my Arts Doll group have organized an 'Alice in Wonderland Challenge'. It's open to all doll makers not just those in our group. To find out more CLICK me! Keep checking on the ADO blog for details or on their Facebook page!
Now that I have announced it....you can follow me down my rabbit hole and watch the progress of my soft sculpture instillation...fingers and toes are all crossed that I can get this done before I go away..(more about this later:)


angelique said...

You can't keep hinting at your holiday it is causing too much suspense.......do tell, do tell!!!

Ree said...

Being the huge Alice fan that I am, as well as loving everything you make, I am sooooooooo going to enjoy following this!!!
Xoxoxxx Ree