Painting update

Hi all my 142 followers, hope you are all well, happy and creating !!!
Busy, busy week ahead for me I have to finish three paintings before the end of the week so I will be on track for when I leave on the 28th of this month....I'm not going far but I'm doing something that I've wanted to do for years...but more about that later!
here is a little peek at Alice
oh is that the Red Queens head lying there by Alice's feet? I think it might be.
Apart from my Alice project I've been painting flat out to try and finish my paintings for the online course I'm doing at Suzi Blu's. So far so good. Today I finished my "Day of the Dead" painting. It's about my little orange kitty that passed away 4 years ago. Lots of images, found rusty objects and wax.
Last week my wood burning tool arrived so I got to work on another 'Petit Angels' in love.
A bit cute, I know but you see I have to balance both sides to my nature.....

my Goth Angel!! Took me a while to work out just what I wanted in this painting and I think now I'm happy with my idea. Better run, wish me luck on my quest of finishing these three...or 4 or 5 paintings!!


Betty Jo said...

Your "Day of the Dead" painting is amazing.
Is it for sale? I had a little orange kitty that passed away 4 years ago....She was called Frida as she had a little moustache like Frida Kahlo.
All your other work is fantastic too.
Alice especially. I finally saw Alice in Wonderland and am planning a "Tea Party" inspired window installation in the coming months.

Miss Val's Creations said...

I love the Day of the Dead piece! What a beautiful tribute!

Jess said...

Oh my goodness...Grace - AWESOME - everything is AWESOME...LOVE Alice...You are doing some serious work, eh? Paintings are amazing...really...wow...I have been sculpting this doll for 3 days now...lol...my first attempt...I am going to sell her for 1 million dollars - haha...


vivian said...

Grace, I'm just so impressed with your art! Love your day of the dead painting! so wonderful! You really are VERY talented in many ways!

Whosies said...

the paintings are coming along aren't they? they are wonderful! i love the start of the queen. ooo

Abi said...

Hey Grace - glad you are doing ok - sorry about your kitty, heart breaking eh :O(
I love your day of the dead painting - and the painting further back of your bunny girl.... they all speak to me :O) (well, I'm not that mad, but you know what I mean?!)
Hope you have a good time visiting family :O)

tilcheff said...

You never stop surprising me, Grace!
Hope you're well!

jorth said...