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Hello all my lovely followers thank you for the terrific comments about my recent paintings.
Look at the column screen right and you will see a link to 'contact me'. Ive been wondering about this all day about putting my email up to make it easier for people to contact me about my work...well yes why not I'm in the business of selling my work!! So if you are interested in buying or commissioning a paintings, prints, bunnies, elephants and art dolls now it will be easier to get in touch! I will from now on when I post a new painting or what ever I'll have whether it is for sale or not. If the painting is not but you just can't live without it then get in touch and I'll let you know about commissioning me to paint a similar painting just for you!

Petit Marie, SOLD

Marie was sold last night and is on her way to a place not far from here!

Thank you so much for everyone's comments...there will be more paintings comming soon!


CurlyPops said...

I was wondering whether you artworks were for sale. I would love to get an idea of the price so that I can save my pennies and maybe suggest to my family to chip in some birthday money so that I can buy myself something special.

Yve said...

Lovely, it has quite a Chagall feel about it, although not the subject of course!

Ree said...

Oh WOW! I haven't been online much but coming on and seeing this put a huge smile on my face! Your paintings are GORGEOUS!

Xoxoxxx Ree

Jingle said...

I just found your blog and your work is amazing! So beautiful!!! I love this piece!

Kelly Lish said...