What is going on here!!

Who's attention are these boys trying to win over? Why its Betty Jo's Matryoshka doll! What, what is that she is saying? Go and take a look over here Find, Make, Do

...Oh my gosh Betty Jo has posted a lovely little piece about me and my dolls!!
I'm quite taken back by being her first featured artist on her new site. But do take a look apart from me there are write ups on other creative artists and crafts people. It's always an inspiration to see what other people are making, and to find out about new talents and even to buy some of their work.....something that I love doing!
So from all of us here in Little Black Crow's Studio we say thank you Betty Jo!!


CurlyPops said...

What a lovely interview!

Betty Jo said...

Your welcome.I think people like it!!!!!
Are those two bunnies trying to hypnotise Miss matryoshka with their non blinking buttony eyes?

Julie said...
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Julie said...

Oops...Let's try again...I love your new blog header....a wonderful piece by Betty Jo. You certainly derserve to be highlighted....your creations are some of my very favorites. : )

Jess said...

That was such a nice interview! My goodness Grace - I LOVE the bunnies in the pic up top...I think it is their big doe eyes that have me saying "I want 'em, I want 'em bad!" LOL - You are fabulous and every piece is - no wonder you've got interviews galore!!!


Chrisy said...

oh and don't they all look gorgeous together! As I'm typing this I notice your etsy pics with the chickens and eggs...they are lookin good!