The Barn Market day

The Barn Market was just terrific. I was pretty nervous about it all, only my second time at having a stall but as the day progressed it was such a calm and friendly feeling in the air time just flew. The Barn Market operaters, Helen and Miriam, did a wonderful job with organization
and made us all feel comfortable. They even left us all a little parcel with tea bags and lollies when we first arrived at our tables in the morning.

here is my table!

My little rag dolls, they look a little concerened!

Elf Dreams, what a great name! children's clothing and dolls just so sweet!

Kate with her very beautiful jewelry. Loved her knitted wire bracelets.
Not much photo taking was done as soon as I was set up and people started to arrive sales where quickly made.
I sold quite a few of my personal favorite dolls, but I know that they all went to very nice homes!
Two of my rag dolls sold I was very pleased and will need to make more...I need to make more of everything. The book markers sold well oh and I sold a painting!!
To view more photos of the day take a wander over to Rosie from Notions she always does a terrific job with her camera, not to mention her lovely work too.
One of the many highlights was meeting Jenny from Little Jenny Wren, she was so great to talk to and she even bought one of my little kittens! Hope to meet up with her again in the future! Checkout her dolls on Etsy, oh look she only has one doll left....she better get busy!


Mouse said...

Congratulations on finding such a lovely show! I've had some real bummers over the years that I felt like a total fish out of water.. glad you had a great time!

Julie said...

You, nervous with all of your amaZinG offerings!? I would have lost my savings there! Your table is a rare beauty! xx

vivian said...

Hi Grace! love your rag dolls and the little dresses and pantaloons in the first post. I dont think I even realized you were making rag dolls. they are wonderful. I hope you did well at your show!
have a sweet day with your valentine.

Abi said...

Wow Grace I would love to visit your table with all those gorgeous creations of yours :O) congrats on the sales too X

Whosies said...

I love going and finding new places for all the dolls to go. i am sure they weren't concerned after learning of where they were going. Meeting others we sort of 'know' is so much fun!