Rodeo Girl fun!!

What a fantastic fun time I had finishing this painting off. Only a short time ago the postie dropped off my little mini iron I bought on eBay last week. I pushed aside all the other work I was doing and just had to play with the iron. Grabbed a candle and started melting and squishing the wax around...It was fun, fun, fun!!
I'm going to have to make another Rodeo Girl as much of this one is Suzi Blu's template. Hmmm maybe Bunny Rodeo Girl??


Jess said...

Love her! I took this class too - I love the background technique for this painting...and I am telling you - that bunny is addictive - lol!


vivian said...

awesome! and I love that little pink bunny in your painting!

Madame Samm said...

Ohh she is very festive, and my your use of tools are amazing...and wax you say..? Marvelous. blessings ms

Ree said...

She is just wonderful!!! How beautiful! I wish I could paint!

Xoxoxxx Ree

Abi said...

Amazing Grace!!
I love your new banner too - beautiful. I can't get enough of your style. I'm saving up for my next Littleblackcrow work of art!!