Rebecka Valentine

Hello!!! It's been a bit quite here these last few weeks but I can assure you that this will not be the case in weeks to come. I have been working away on some new designs, some I started well before Xmas. I've really been enjoying getting back into painting and learning some new techniques with Suzi Blu's classes...I've enrolled in a couple more!! I'm working on some multi-media dolls and having a play with mohair!!

a sneaky peek!!
Lets see what else have I been doing???? oh I've been studying the history of dolls and teddy bears!
Found some great books at the library.

One very cool book had lots of vintage knitting patterns for dolls clothes!! Just got to get a hold of some teeny tiny needles my 2.00 are not tiny enough for some of the knitting.
Oh and of course there will be a couple of Valentine themed critters like Miss Rebecka here, that can be viewed in my ETSY SHOP!!
You may have noticed that I had a few critters on eBay? Well I sold two, not really for the price I was hoping to get but they went to a lady in the states that is a mad doll collector, so I was pleased about that. Have to get myself more acquainted with eBay as there seems to be lots of tricky bits to work out and use properly.
Oh just one more thing, fingers and toes crossed I may have another shop to sell my critters in!!

I wont spill the beans about it just yet, but I'll be mighty excited about having my work there.
That's it for today.....maybe......oh but I have to cook dinner....it will be a zucchini feast! They seem to have exploded in numbers in the garden!!


Dragonfly said...

Ooooh - fingers crossed! Love the Valentine doll!

Bearly Sane said...

Love the bunny, honey!! A touch of red always brightens my day.
Good to see you working creatively and playing with mohair...watch it or you'll get sucked in just like the rest of us!! It's beautiful to work with.
Warmest hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane

vivian said...

busy girl! love your rebecka valentine and those dolls are really awesome. cant wait to see what youre doing with the mohair! And did I tell you before how much I love your new banner?
I'm a bit jealous here... its wintery and cold.. and your garden is exploding with fresh veggies!! its going to be another 6 months before that happens here!
ENJOY and think of me!

Jess said...

Oh look at you!!!! That bunny is fabulous - and the dolls...I am in love! They look like your traditional angel...I love them - really look at you!!!! Fantastic Grace - I am so happy to see you learning so much in the class!!! Me too - I have been so uninspired lately, as soon as my office is remodeled I am hoping to peak some creativity...one more week - I can do it!

Love your new work - you are sensational!


Ree said...

Oh that bunny is just so ADORABLE! I cannot wait to see your other designs!

Your new header is wonderful!

Xoxoxxx Ree