caught up in mixed media

He Marches To The Sound Of His Own Drum

There is NO WAY that anybody will be seeing photos of my studio for the next few months/years!!
I'm just so hooked on making these little mixed media paintings that nothing and I mean nothing gets chucked out without me at least pondering ways to use it in some way. I have always been bad at throwing things away. feathers, stamps, bits of paper, dried up insects, rusty nails and bottle tops, bottles, bits of string, old cardboard, broken crockery, dried leaves, shells, drift wood, scraps of fabric....have I left anything out??? Well now I have a use for them, well maybe not the dried insects, they are too special!
So now not only do I knit, paint, sew, make dolls, sketch, lino print in my studio I now have to find room for my mixed media work! BF has promised me to make some shelves...I told him I neeeeed lots of shelves, but I think he knew that already.
So this little guy is nearly finished, sometimes it helps to look at your images on the computer so you can see how it's going.
I can see his ear needs a bit of work, his shoes could stand out a bit more....don't know whether I should put text in there or not???.....Some areas could still be lighter....maybe hammer a few rivets and melt a bit of wax. What do you think?


Jess said...

Oh my goodness Grace - he is perfect!!! Yes, I think rivets would look wonderful...I am so glad you have gotten into this...it was MADE for you!


Jess said...

You need to put a watermark on your paintings...I don't want to see someone steal your work...Grace it is too beautiful and unique!

vivian said...

wow! I love it. you are such a good artist. Now I'm going to need one of your mixed media pieces at some point to add to my little grace garton from tasmania collection! lol.
your at the top of my idol list!

Madame Samm said...

How lucky for us to have fallen into your world...the impact and the meaning of this piece is beyond words...bravo
blessings madame samm