Bright red Star, Danita, Ruby Victoria and Little Dirt Lane

The Bright Red Star, a wonderful collaboration of 16 ETSY artists. You can find it here.
I was very impressed with the look of this and the story is pretty sweet. I would love to make something like this, perhaps with local artists.
Cute as a snowman's buttons.This little snowman was just too irresistible when I happened upon him over at Little Dirt Lane, I think she had just listed it on him on her Etsy shop.
I knew I had only a little time to get to him before he was gone forever as there were other interested parties!
Not even two weeks later he was here with me smiling and smelling so sweetly. I found out later that it was actually the tag that was the source of the sweet aroma.
You really should visit Little Dirt Lanes blog and Shop, her dolls are heartbreakingly beautiful!

And here are my two favorite Santa's the one in the front is by Danita, always so inspiring to see her work and read her blog. Her irresistible Etsy shop is here!


Ree said...

All are so lovely! I so wanted to nab one of those snowmen from Little Dirt Lane! Are Jess's dolls not fantastic or what?!

Xoxoxxx Ree

Jess said...

Awww thank you Grace! I am so glad you love him...he looks great on your precious tree! You are so sweet...I can't wait for you to make a pink bunny...I need to make a big one!!

xoxo Jess

ruby victoria printmaking said...

a book by local artists sounds like a plan Grace ! you have a letterpress printer living not too far from you that is quiet partial to hand made books, what's her name again .................oh yeah its me !!
thanks for showing my tags again on your blog x

MadameSamm said...

I thought you only had the cooking blogs ( I belong to that one...I don't recall knowing about this one......look at this..this is just lovely...and is your name Grace? well I will just have to add you to my blog list, what a delightful find..
blessings madame samm

Whosies said...

i am in love with the handmade tree and all the handmade ornaments. Isn't it fun to just fill it up with all the goodies?! I might have to do one for myself.

Bearly Sane said...

Late again as usual...but I am your 100th follower Grace! I love that little snowman ornie that Jess made...so cute! Have been browsing your gallery...some great prim bunnies there.
Warmest hugs from OZ,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane