100 followers, Suzi Blu and ANGELS

Did you all see, look I can't believe it...100 people follow me here on my little ol' blog. Thank you Fran for being my 99th follower and to Sandi from Bearly Sane Bears for being my 100th follower! And to all my 100 followers have a safe, fun and exciting Xmas with your family and friends. Eat lots and be merry that's what holidays are for!!
As the year is ending I've a few things to tell you. I've joined an online painting group...see on the left hand side you can see my big button for Suzi Blu's lesPetit Acadamy!
So much fun and I've learned a bucket load already! I found out about SUZI BLU through Jess from Little Dirt Lane, she looked like she was having way to much fun there so I decided to join in....and wouldn't you know it there were so many other doll makers there that I had meet from my other groups! All busy working away at creating beautiful and creative work. And there are people from all over the world there...and quite a few from Australia.
What I love about this class is the use of different types of medium. I've always wanted to try but never knew quite how to go about it. so I just stuck to what I know. But now I can see there are so many possibilities to push my own work in ways I only could imagine.
So here are some of my works in progress.......

a little bit of wood burning

collage and paint of wood
Angels!! They are Angels... I joined the Angels workshop... something is missing though maybe I need a to wear a pair of angel wings while I paint...
I was very nearly tempted to do batwings on both of them...hmmm maybe I'll do that for the GOTH ANGEL!
Off I go. big day tomorrow, my brother has organized "High Tea" for our Xmas get together....I've been working on drinking out of a china cup (instead of paint jar) with my little pinky sticking out..I have my hair to do, and then decide what to wear...been living in grotty work clothes for the last few months.
Oh there is new stuff to check out in my Etsy shop and my studio is bursting at the seams with new dolls and secret stuff for the new year.


Heather said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!!

Your stuff is so much fun though... how could you *not* have 100 followers????? :)

blueberries in the fields said...

Grace, i wish you the happiest, fun, joyful x-mas of all. drink lots of tea, wine ( yummy ! ) and many goodies. and please, do not say your gingerbreads are not gorgeous because they are. i just love them. you are a great artist and i can't wait to see more now thatyou have joined suzi blu's class. i have known her for a while now, but never dared to attend any of her workshops. i should give it a try though.:)
sending you many hugs, see you in the New Year !

MadameSamm said...

Grace both of these pieces of ART are amazing...I look forward to the completion...although are they ever done? Congrats on your reaching 100 followers...we all adore your creations ad your new loves too..
blessings madame samm

Jess said...

I COMPLETELY missed this post - WOW! You are doing great with your angels - and 100 followers - you go girl!! LOVE both of your angels...I attempted the wood burning...I learned that I need to buy a new wood burner,lol. Hmmmm....maybe that is what I will give myself for Christmas. I haven't even looked at the goth angel video yet....Maybe after Christmas...that would be nice...but I know that will never happen...I am so BUSY!!

xoxo jess