Veronica Vampire

What a morning!! First of all I had to do battle with a moquito and spider infested pond. All the fish died a long time ago. It was in the part of the garden that we, well apart from the cats hardly ever go. So it became overgrown with weeds, blackberries and worse ivey! I don't mind spiders it's the tics and scorpions that I loathe..fortunately I didn't see any. Anyway it's all been cleared and the plastic and water removed. So now we have little garden hide away that I think I'll just plant out in ground covers.
Anyway that was my weekend priority out of the way and now I'm back into the studio working on lots and lots of different dolls and ornaments for my little market stall at the end of the month. So if you find yourself in Hobart on the 28th and 29th of November with an urge to shop for handmade items get yourself down to the Handmade Hobart Market, St Peters Hall, in Harrington St between the hours of 11 - 4pm.
But the best news is that I've finished my little mini monthly vampire challenge for my Art Dolls Only group.

Veronica Vampire, 'it's just a little over bite', Veronica's
mum used to tell her.

My first full polyclay doll. I used super sculpy, wire armature, acrylic paint and black died sheep's wool roving for the hair. The hair I glued down little strands at the time.
The wip photo's shows glass beads for her eyes. I chose to make them out of sculpy too and shaped them to fit her eye sockets.
As much as I enjoyed making her I think next time I'll just make the head and hands out of sculpy and make a cloth body. I have a deep love for stop motion and some of my favorite characters are from Rankin/Bass's Mad, Mad Monster Party. You can see the imperfections and the hand made quality to the puppets, it's terrific. I approach my dolls as if the where 3D drawings. Drawing onto them ans scuffing them up.
Another thing I guess is that I just always seem to draw my little girl characters wearing a Wednesday Adams dress and a little widows peak...some would say that they also resemble the artist...well I was nicknamed at one work place as Eddy Munster!


ruby victoria printmaking said...

Veronica is seriously gorgeous, I am so pleased you have taken the plunge to have a stall at the market.

2paw said...

Good luck with your stall. As soon as you said Wednesday I knew who she reminded me of!!! Lovely teeth, great dress!!

Yve said...

She's a sweetie, good luck with your stall :o)

bad penny said...

she is seriously cute in a vampire-ish sort of way. Love her Widow's peak !

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

LOVE Veronica, just gorgeous work, her expression is perfecct!

Abi said...

Good luck with the stall - you are sure to do well :O) Veronica is too cool

vivian said...

wow! your first sculpey doll and she turned out amazingly! You should be proud of your precious little vampire girl!