I love it!!

Finally warm sunny weather, it's just brilliant. Last night Pig and I had a little impromptu barbecue....and yes we did chuck prawns on the the barbie!
Beers, wine, ouzo, what a night!

And today its back to work, but that's alright cos' I'm loving that too. Just finished and listed two more Xmas decorations/ornaments...one vintage style black SantaCat and Mr Snowman!!

Gotta get back to work....I've a table full of more Xmas dolls and ornaments. A few secret projects and oodles of doodles for new dolls next year!
One last thing before I zip off . A big thank you to all my new followers. In the last few weeks my list has grown so fast. I'm really very appreciative to all of you that have signed up, take a peek at my work and make comments!!


JoMo said...

That wee cat is adorable!

ruby victoria printmaking said...

geez girl you will have to get another stall at the market you will fill the other one you've already been allocate !!!

Yve said...

Oooooohhh, love the little cat in his hat... snowman's cute too. Still don't know what I'm going to do for the ornament swap!

vivian said...

as always.. love your work!

Abi said...

Fabulous ornaments - and no surprise here - I love the cat in his hat!!