Halloween art doll challenge

All the pieces laid out for my Halloween art doll!

Roughly sketching out the features. The doll has been stuffed and painted with a couple of coats of gesso.
The drawing on the left was the inspiration. She is a little character I drew and animated a while back.

Painting eye ball. I followed the eye ball tutorial over at ADO's blog

Polyclay sculpted shoes an axe and some tiny little shoes for another project.
My first ever sculpted shoes! The tutorial can be found here!!

The dress is knitted from 4ply black merino. I designed the dress based from a vintage pattern. I added a bauble edging at the bottom and just under the arms a little ribbon holes.
waiting happily for her hair
I thought this Halloween I was going to make more ghoulish dolls than last year but this cold is being rather persistent and making me very tired. I really had to push myself to get this far with just one doll!
But come to think of it it doesn't have to be halloween to make ghoulish dolls!


angelique said...

She looks surprisingly ghoulish to me. I do love the stripy stockings and black dress.

CurlyPops said...

That is so cool! I love seeing the step by step shots as she comes together.

blueberries in the fields said...

Good Lord Gracie !!! this halloween doll is fabulous ! Reminds me of the Tim Burton characters.

tilcheff said...

WOW! Great!

Kelly Lish said...

I love watching the process of her coming alive! Thank you for posting that! Your dolls are precious!