Blueberries pumpkin treat give away!!

One of my favorite crafts people is Monique from 'Blueberries in the fields' Just look at these charming fabric Halloween pumpkins and treat bag!! And guess what? They can be yours!! Just follow the link and tips here
Not much time left so hurry!!


Thea said...

Welcome back!

BlackCrow said...

Thank you Thea....I managed to get a cold not long after I returned. Its very stubborn and is still refusing to leave no matter how much hot lemon and garlic tea I drink!

Abi said...

You not feeling better yet? How did the Dove save your fsmily from a house fire?

Abi said...

family not fsmily! man I need to check before I click!!!

blueberries in the fields said...

hi grace, thanks for posting about my giveaway:)
i am so sorry to read you have been sick. I hope you will get better soon.
have a lovely day and good luck for the goodies :)