At last my Gruby Little Lenore is complete!

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For the last few weeks doll makers from all around the globe have been madly and creatively working on a challenge called '4 elements', Earth, Fire, Water, Air, You can pick all four or just the one. I choose Earth not only because I consider myself an earthy sort of gal, but because the of my mildly morbid fascination with horror so naturally my first thought associated with earth was death, the grave, rotting molding corpses. My mother tried her best when I was young to steer me clear of such thoughts but like Tim Burton' s 'Vincent' I too wanted to be like Vincent Price and read Edgar Allen Poe instead of 'Go Spot Go'.

Didn't think I was going to finish her tonight as so many other things came up and interfered with my train of thought. I read over and over Edgar's poems, Lenore, The Raven and Annabel Lee, watched A Nightmare Before Christmas and Pan's Labyrinthine to get back that thought process. I also remembered my online pal Severina once posted a pattern for a 17th Century Death Shroud.....and so Lenore was born!
The stand is wood but I covered it with sculpey and drew deep lines into the surface to give it a sort of drawn earth look. This and the headstone were baked in the oven to harden.
Around the base I painted a thick coat of white acrylic paint and when dried applied a crackle medium and then rubbed burnt umber into the cracks.
Lenore's arms are 4 rusty nails and her whole body and clothes have been heavily stained with coffee.
This is a photo I took while I was applying the coffee. I had to laugh as it reminded me of the scene in pans Labyrinth of the mandrake root.
Anyway to completely finish this project I also wrote a little poem....are you sitting comfortably??

Three children dug deep
in their sand pit so sweet
Until they came to a door

That door, that door that led to Lenore!

Their curiosity grew as
from the earth they withdrew

Down, down, down towards
the cold rusty arms of Lenore

one by one each child in a trance
walked slowly towards deaths last dance
with the beguiling voice of Lenore
singing 'Never more'!


Carolee said...

Just discovered your blog - wonderful work!

~ Carolee

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Black Crow,

I wouldn't, couldn't change a thing.


I love your creepy side.

Hugs, Euphoria

DellaRae said...

Oh, I wish my doll was finished...I must get to work. I love your Lenore and your poem.

Abi said...

I love Lenore! you are so clever, the poem was a wonderful addition - nice one!

angelique said...

You are such a clever artist. She looks superb and her poem is most fitting.

vivian said...

Hi Grace! I always love to see what youre up too! Lenore is perfectly creepy! you are so creative. have a great weekend

Romona said...

That is hilarious. Lenore is a prize and so glad you didn't listen to those who would thwart your plans to do your own thing....lol Poor thing, she reminds me of some dolls I made, that tried to run for it when I sprayed their faces with fixative. http://northbrookdesigns.blogspot.com/2008/01/lester-and-sally.html Take care, Romona

Sarah said...

Lenore is so perfectly macabre! I love the poem-it reminds me of those Struwel Peter type warning poems for children. Brilliant!

Deanna Hogan said...

This piece is absolutely delightful, and deliciously grubby.

jessica said...

love this and the poem is perfect!

canngil said...

one of the most creative dolls I have seen in the challenge!
love it!

creativedawn said...

Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite poet! You chose well and I love the poem....she is a beautiful prim! just love her!

Knot By Gran'ma said...

This is a wonderful doll. I love the direction that you took her in.

jasmoon-butterfly said...

I really like her....its great to see where the inspiration started x

Vee said...

Earthy and funny and really wonderful!

Yve said...

She's just such a cuddly corpse, love her :o)

Dessa Rae said...

Wonderful doll and so imaginative, beautiful!!

Du Buh Du Designs said...

What a cool doll~and when I saw that last picture I also thought of the mandrake root baby from Pan's labyrinth (one of my fav. movies)! Great version of the earth element ; I enjoyed seeing the process:)

christina said...

i love Lenore! she looks scary but in a cute way. i can see the influence from the works that inspired you, but you've also really made it your own. and the poem is a nice touch!

Lorraine said...

Lenore is awesome!! Very cool!!:o)

Catherine said...

Hi Lenore, is charming and scary at the same time, love the creepy poem too excellent !!