Still painting??

the never ending painting!!

a work in progress....this is a painting I started recently. it was worked off a sketch that I drew quite a few years ago when I lived in Melbourne near Williams Town.

Because the top painting is taking so long to finish I started a new painting a little smaller and in a more familiar style.
I had put off painting for a while not only because of becoming involved with sewing, knitting, photograph and WORK, but because the cheap paints I was using, they where so uninspiring. I couldn't get my favorite, 'Matisse', brand of acrylic paints here in Tasmania. I used to buy a box lot from the mainland, but this was getting expensive so I tried to settle for the cheaper stuff...But guess what I found out that the at-least 2 art shops have started selling my favourite brand!!
Last week I bought a few tubes and tomorrow I plan to set aside a few hours and see if they are still the same quality that I remembered them for.


tilcheff said...

There's a Yoggy Bear in the corner :) :) :)
Great works! Very moody as usual.
Did you try the newly-bought paints?

Emily said...

It's funny, I'm not into boxing but I love your painting! It really is captivating...