Our swap is underway!

Addresses have been sent out to our 3 swapettes!
I've set up a flickr group and posted a few little pics of one of the little swaps...not going to give away to much just yet.
I was going to post the address but looks like flickr is having a hiccup.
Oh looks like its up and running again....little arty craft swap

a sneaky peek

Should I make a little badge for our swap?

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vivian said...

hi Grace! did I tell you that I mailed your swappie piece? Tiffany already recieved hers. I havent seen any sign of Emily in a bit, but I would assume she recieved hers too. YOurs they said at the post office would take 8 days. OH! thats right, I did tell you, because I told you that the lady at the post office didnt know where tasmania was!
I also have you halloweem ball doll done..I've been driving around with her in my car... keep meaning to stop at the Post office! maybe tomorrow!
love your elephant!