window shopping

Here are my little guys in the front window of Sona Gallery...they look really cute in the window I'm glad nobody has bought them as they liven up the little street corner.
But whats really special is that my big brothers painting is hanging up above them!
This is the first time our work is in a gallery together, which I think is pretty cool.
We both work very differently from one another although we share a lot of the same inspiration.
As a kid I used to watch him paint for hours. He taught me many things about painting, music, and the environment. From mixing colours and how one colour can react differently when put beside another colour to looking at the environment from different perspectives.
So if your passing by the corner of Murry and Warrick street give us a little wave!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

How cool is that - you are obviously a very talented family!

BlackCrow said...

Thank you.