a couple of right Bunny's



Hot off the press are these two little bunny's made for my etsy shop!
When I package these little bunny's I also supply the little story I write for them in my little sales pitch plus my LBC tags. I like writing the stories even though I'm not very good but the more you do something the better your supposed to get at it. I love reading and would love to be able to write better maybe I should do a course or something. Sometimes my head is filled with stories but I just can't seem to put it down in words...I guess it comes out in my illustrations and dolls. All the writing rules bother me too as does spelling, which I seem to be getting better at...I think??
I enjoy sewing up the labels and its great for using all those bits of colour fabrics that I just can't make my self throw out....I can't even throw out the loose threads from fabric, Ive collected a bag full and started to make yarn out of it to crochet into something...maybe a purse.
I'll have to post some photo's...I've lots too post all my buttons, tins, jars, aprons and dresses that I won on ebay and bought off etsy!


CurlyPops said...

I love Jen and Netty!
They're so cool!

theresa said...

I'm just waiting for the right one to show up--the one that really pulls at my heart strings.
I've been so tempted but I will wait for the right one.