yippee yahooie!

I know, I know I've started up my art and craft site before but this time I think it will be a permanent fixture. In about 10 days time (apparently) a shiny brand spanking new desktop computer will be landing on my front door! I love my laptop but the silly bugger keeps crashing on me and is just too unpredictable to work with.....except for today (touch wood) he hasn't crashed at all!!!
Anyway blah blah blah.....here are some of my very new creations!
This little series came about after looking through my scrap book from when I was about 3 or 5 years old. I was struck just how similar some of those drawings are to the characters I draw now.
When I get my act together I'll start posting these up and you can compare for yourself.

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tilcheff said...

They look great! and really show kid's sensitivity. Can't wait to see those very-young-black-crow's early drawings :)