on my table today

On my table today , donkeys in various stages of dress and undress, same too with some little Tasmanian devils. Tiny jumpers need to sewn up, collars to be turned the right side, bears to be embroidered and dressed, pantaloons to be buttoned and their owners stuffed! I better get a move on, three Xmas markets starting in October then November and December!!

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vivian said...

I saw you in the prims magazine! and I said, I know her! I have three of her little creations!
I bet you sell out at your christmas fairs!
have a great creative week Grace!

Ree Medina said...

May I just have the whole table??? Oh what yummy goodness!!!!

I am so happy to be back at blogging but my blog has changed as I no longer have access to my original blog.

My new blog is


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I will be following you there!!!

Xoxoxxx Ree