Free desktop calender for August

With all this rain about I think I should build a boat and set sail! here is your desktop calender for this month, I know, I know I'm late...I've been away looking after my mum. My mum broke her wrist, my wonderful brother look after her the whole month she was in hospital, making sure she ate and drank water, my sister and another brother also took care of her while she was in hospital. When I arrived she was just a couple of days from going home, which it was then my turn to help. She has recovered well although her hand sadly was set crooked, but before the plaster came off we spent much of our time together drawing. Getting her to use her left hand was a challenge but she didn't do too badly, we started a journal together, where she would trace her hand and then fill it with words and colours.
My mum has a wonderful sense of humor and I miss that when I'm not with her.
So its back to study, sewing, painting, preparing for the next Nook market and catching up around the house and garden, so much too do!!

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Yve said...

Sound like you could do with some rest Missy! Sorry things have been a bit stressful, hopefully things will calm down now :o)