Makeing new stuff

It's been such a busy time in the sewing room lately, not just because it's a busy time for me with markets but because I needed to make something new and a little wild!

Inspiration came while looking through pages of my sketch books, I drew directly onto the calico, matched some colourful scraps of fabric whoa-la some 'Very Odd Dolls' are born !
Stuffed with scraps of fabric from previous projects, saved into containers, vintage buttons, coffee stained and some wild stitching! These guys are about 30cm high and have a nice weight to them not what you get when stuffed with polyfill. there is something quite liberating making dolls without patterns, each one is completely individual and a lot of fun to embellish.


The Moonlit Stitch said...

Art come to life - Love them! ~*~Lisa

Bearly Sane said...

Very original Grace ... that's what I love about your work and it's always evolving.

Eli Bichita said...

))))) they are very funny!!!