Watchout, it's Herman and Tilly, grrrrr!

After many long hours and months of designing,I've finally finished my latest little collectible dolls, Tilly and Herman..Tasmanian Devils.

Tasmanian Devils are very close to my heart, more so now because they are in great danger of becoming extinct due to a horrible facial tumor disease.
Much work is being done to find a cure which is why I've decided to pledge 20% of sales made from my Devil dolls will go directly to Save The Devil Program
Each Tasmanian Devil doll is $60.00 and will be for sale soon in my Etsy Shop
Meet these tow for yourselves at Kingston beach hall this Sunday at Local Designers and Producers Market.


Sarah B said...

They're absolutely gorgeous Grace. I think it's an absolute disaster what's happening to the Devils and I think in a few years time the silly Government will look back and maybe think they should have done more, instaed of supporting things like mainland football! Crazy if you ask me :)

Kim Henkel said...

Love your Devils! And I am so sorry to hear what is happening to the animals themselves. You are kind to contribute some funding towards this cause.

vivian said...

HI Grace, loving your new devil dolls! I didnt realize that tasmanian devils were at risk of going extinct. I'm not sure Ive ever even seen a real one in a picture... only that crazy one on the cartoons!
Hard for me to think of snow and frost in July.. but then you get the summer weather while we have the snow and cold!
good luck with your sales!