Two new paintings

Scooter Girl, 2012
Tricycle Boy
This is a little series I'm working on, my partner brought home a book from the library on the history of Australian Cyclops Toys from the 40's and 80's. It brought back so many childhood memories. Where I lived the streets used to be safe enough to ride all day on the road with your go-cart, tricycles, scooters and roller skates. I used to watch from the front gate the neighborhood kids ride by on their new shiny red scooters and bikes, sometimes they would even let me have a go! They really don't make toys like that anymore, solid metal and all shiny an red!
These two paintings are for sale through me if you are interested in purchasing one or both just email me, littleblackcrow@netspace.net.au,  or leave a comment and I'll be in touch.
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Isabel said...

love Love!!!!:O)

Twiglet said...

I love the way your pictures go right round the frame - they really are beautiful. I hope they sell quickly for you. I remember having a little red scooter too. x Jo

Susina's Dream said...

I love it :D

dmitrievna said...

Очень нравятся Ваши работы! У меня просьба - установите, пожалуйста, переводчик, чтобы проще было читать Ваши заметки :-)