machine Embroidery in progress

 A special peek into the process of making one of my little Indian machine embroidered hoops.
 First I draw up the design and size with a sharp pencil
then onto my 1960's Singer sewing machine...note no embroidery foot used here. Using the forward and back lever I start stitching.
Once most of the large areas are blocked in I can start adding fabrics for the dress and head band then the tiny details are stitched.
Nearly complete...just the nose to stitch and then it's off into the painting studio.
thought I just show you how she looks from the back...all lose threads are cut and the whole image looks very neat.
Painted background and little touches to headband and eyes with water colour and Tim Holtz Adriondack colour wash...thanks to Suzi Blu for Adriondack colours I never would have know they existed!...Next step is some hand embroidery...which I'll put into the next post!
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Twiglet said...

Aw thanks for taking the time to show us. I am amazed you can do such fab machine embroidery without dropping the feed dog and using a foot. The result is brilliant - will look forward to seeing the finished piece. I think I will look out some Tim Holtz inks too. x Jo


Very NIce!!!

Narelle Badalassi said...

you're such a show off grace lol
Nah your a clever duckie thanks for the process photos love them
narelle x