Embroidery hoop: part 2

After painting I've hand embroidered the grass her pink cheeks and added loose threads and beads to her hair.
The wool batting is trimmed off and a piece of fabric for the back is cut to the same size as the canvas.
Line up your embroidery and backing fabric with the two wrong sides together making sure both pieces fit nice and snug between the two hoops. Tighten the screw and pull the canvas and backing fabric tight, making sure any creases from both canvas and backing fabric disappears. Tighten the screw again. Trim off excess canvas and trim to just under an inch all the way around the backing fabric.
With a hot glue gun slowly and patiently glue the inside of the hoop a little at a time and firmly pull the excess fabric over and down into hoop.
Turn your work around, secure a matching ribbon to the top in and around the screw and there you go...next step take lots of photo's of it post it up to your blog and sell it in your Etsy shop!


Susie McMahon said...

Wonderful idea!

Angela said...

She is gorgeous, and I love how you used the hoop to frame her

Twiglet said...

A beautiful little work of art. I love the way you have finished it off.

rgarton said...

nice invention. embroidery with ... live bits. Is there a name for it?

today i said...

you are so talented to make something so lovely.