Isabel, custom made doll

What a busy month...might have to put Xmas off till next year..Here is another custom made doll for a client in Hawaii. Isabel was a special request by children's book author Caryn Fukuda, she is the main character from her book titled 'Naughty Nathan'. Isabel will be journeying to Hawaii soon, to join Caryn and her lovely family.
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Bearly Sane said...

Whatever happened to all those other little creations that I saw earlier on, that I couldn't post a comment on I might add!!

I was coming back to say: "Grace what a busy little Tassie Devil you have been" and they're nowhere to be seen. LOL!!

Love the idea of the cards, will be back in the new year when I have recovered from Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas ... HAVE A GREAT ONE GRACE!!
Warmest hugs,

BlackCrow said...

I was saving them into draft, lol..

Carlin said...

Isabel is so enchanting, Grace. I just love her.

Came in to wish you a wonderful holiday and the happiest of New Year's!

Carlin Davis

Yve said...

Merry Christmas if you decide to have it after all ;o)

Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

She is just precious.