let it snow..man!

 hand felted Xmas decorations....no they are not from spotlight!
 hand knitted Xmas Decorations.
one lonely little snowman but not for long!
Xmas is my favorite time of the year..although exhausting, but I still love it. This year should be fun at our new house..my partners  three nieces will be joining us, they are still young enough to believe in Santa, which is so sweet. Apart from Xmas I've also been planning ahead for next year and its going to be filled with lots of new enterprises..stay tuned!

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NatashaMay said...

Very cute ornaments! :) I'd love to decorate my house for holidays but it's nearly imposible with 7 cats. :) Nothing survives through one night. :)

Sarah B said...

Very cute deccys! I can't wait to get the tree up and make a few new deccys :)