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Creativity is a funny thing...working in the studio everyday surrounded by all your tools of the trade, sewing machine, paints, fabrics, dolls, it's not surprising when one art form inspires another. The new series of embroidered brooches resemble the characters in my paintings and illustrations. Machine embroidered with a 1960's singer ..a machine not really made for machine embroidery..but by using the backwards and forwards lever and gentle foot control...I've managed to push the poor machine into submission!
The brooches are pinned to a cute little card I designed and had professionally printed, the card doubles as a business card.
While designing my brooch cards my business cards also go a make over. Not that there was anything wrong with the old one..but thinking about marketing oneself it's good to have an iconic image that spans across the work that you do..from blogs to business cards and all that social networking stuff in between,

Brooches can be purchased through my etsy shop, or at Rebecca Roth's gallery in Hobart, Salamanca and soon to be in a shop in Brunswick, Melbourne...details to be announced soon!
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Yve said...

I'm really diggin' the dude with the big 'tache in the top pic ;o)

Jan Conwell said...

What a cool idea!