Work, work, work!

Ned In Bed
Hi everyone...it's been a very productive few weeks for me..lot of new paintings, bears and paper mache dolls are either finished or in progress..my lounge and dining room have gone missing...seems it's been replace by studio space..yay..visitors are welcomed but must stay behind the white line, a bag of Mexican corn chips and red wine will be available at the door to feed the artist!
If you want to take a peek at whats new in my studio you will find photo's HERE.
And if you have been one of my etsy customers in the past you will find the Bunny and Elephant gallery pages, up the top...I'm still updating them..it's a lot of work...but if you see your doll and you didn't get a special tag with the date and number of your doll you can find it there..also if you see your doll and the date and name are wrong or have changed just email me so I can update it. Well off with the computer for now and into my big extended studio!

View of Mount Wellington, just up the road

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Carol Roll said...

Giggle I know the feeling of work everywhere! Inspired minds tho cant be tamed!!!!!

btw your 3d mixed media paintings are amazing!

BlackCrow said...

Thank you Carol.