Winter brooches and little black crow in red stitches

I'm so excited about this up coming exhibition at Rebecca Roth's gallery in July..not only because I'm launching two new items, my hand and machine stitched brooches but because I can't wait to see what the other artisans are contributing...I hear too that Arkmetal Brad has submitted 2 metal brooches!!
If your visiting Hobart in June and July make sure you drop into Rebbecca's shop at Salamanca's art center


JDConwell said...

I like the red-work effect here...well done!

Carol Roll said...

Oh girl these are divine!!! Love them!!

Bearly Sane said...

Hi Grace I am so pleased to see your paintings and crafts doing so well and I love the mirrors...they are just divine!
Salamanca, oh how I love that place...I would love to come over for the market again, it's been such a long time between visits...perhaps next year if Julie Quon will put me up??

Warmest hugs,