introducing Maddy...new design for LBC

I've been wanting to make a teeny doll forever! I drew designs for her years ago but never had the time too sew one up. But as my bunnies and elephants are limited editions and their numbers will be up soon it's time for some new designs. Maddy is now in my etsy store!
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Twiglet said...

Maddy is so beautiful! She would love to be a pen pal to my teeny Scruffy dolls I am sure!

Angelcat said...

Maddy is adorable. I love those cute rosey cheeks!

Doone said...

she is a proper little girl,

i bet she has a scab on one of her knees?


Jo in TAS said...

Maddie is so sweet!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

She is fabulous! You did a lovely job on her. So cute and cuddly. :) Theresa

Jo said...

Awww, Maddy is soooo cute... from her pretty plaits, rosey cheeks to tiny shoes! How delightful that your dreams of her are now a reality!
hugs xxxx