One World One Heart

Welcome to Little Black Crow's Studio, my name is Grace other wise known as Little black Crow.I live in Tasmania. This is the first time I've participated in Lisa's amazing One World One Heart give away and I must say I'm so excited....as is my little bunny below who has put up his little arm to be the lucky door prize for someone special. Comments will be left open till the 17th of February when I will be doing hosting a draw to see who the lucky winner is.

Hi my name is Glen I live in Tasmania, that is the little island off Australia.
I am so thrilled to be part of the One World One Heart Giveaway!!
I'm made from coffee stained calico that has been waxed, making me smell like cinnamon biscuits!
My Breeches are brown tartan with little vintage buttons attached. My shoes and socks are hand painted to my legs so I will never loose them!
My eyes are chocolate brown buttons and my ears have little hearts printed on them!
Take a closer look..click on the photo's for a larger image!
See my cute smile?

See my cute tail!
Hope everyone has a wonderful time and enjoy this wonderful opportunity to meet and visit other participants in the One World One Heart giveaway!
Here is a link where you can find a list of other ONE WORLD ONE HEART giveaways!
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Wipso said...

You are so clever in the wonderful things you make. They have such character.
A x

Joyce van der Lely said...

Ah Grace, I love your little Glen, he's very very cute !
I always love reading your blog and seeing all your creations:-)
Much love from accross the ditch ♥ Joyce

Abi said...

Tony Bear really needs a friend you know :O)

Susie McMahon said...

He's mine! He's mine!

Diane said...

Glen, you are adorable, and I would love for you to have a new home with me :)
Make sure to come over to my party too! Diane

JDConwell said...

Grace, Glen is perfect. Especially the tail. :~) I think it's so cool that I have a friend who lives in Tasmania. Just so cool.

I'm doing the OWOH thing for the first time this year too...come and play!


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Grace aka Little Black Crow,

I love all of your work. (As you well know.)

On the off chance I win Glen, he will have a place of honor in my home. But also much love.

Hugs, Euphoria

Quiltmoose - Dagmar said...

Oh, what a cute bunny! I'd love to give him a good home!! Please enter my name into your draw! And pop over to my blog and enter mine, too, if you haven't done so already!

Greetings from Germany,
Dagmar #88

johanna said...

what a wonderful bunny - hope he finds my home...

Saskia said...

Oooh... lots of lovely, cute creations on your blog! You're so talented!! This bunny is super-cute-amazing!!!!

Someone, somewhere is going to be very happy with this beautiful give-away... I can only dream it's me!!

I'm enjoying this OWOH trip around the world, thanks!!

Greetings from Belgium,
Saskia :)


Sabine said...

Glen, please move to my home in Germany!

Yovanka Black said...

Your work is so fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a OWOH participant as well so feel free to stop by my blog ;)


ziggy stardust said...

Thanks for a chance to win! Lovely blog! I hope you swing by my blog too!


Jingle said...

Oh, my dear! This bunny is so wonderful! I would be thrilled to have him bounce to my house! Thanks for the chance to win! I hope you will come enter my giveaway! jinglesells at gmail dot com

AlwaysInspired said...

This is adorable!
Come visit my blog to see my OWOH giveaway! I'm #50

SilverNikNats said...

Awwwww he is beond cute!

Donna said...

Nice to meet you! That is so cute! I would love to be in your giveaway, please count me in. Thank you!

Rosie said...

Hello from Germany. It's nice to meet you. Your door prize is great. Thanks for entering me in your contest. Please visit my Blog too. I'm #116 on the flying wings

Palma said...

I would so love to win this fabulous prize! COUNT ME IN ,PLEASE!

Thanks ♥

Rein said...

Lovely give away, opeace count me in.

I taking part too.

Anonymous said...

How lovely! I would love to win it!
Please come to my Blog to win a real crystal ball!
Be well & wish well,

Belinda said...

You have an awesome blog,love your giveaway Glen come check mine out http://belindaferrell.blogspot.com/

M. Bloom said...

Oh, darling bunny! So glad I stopped by to have a peek...


Simply Shaz said...

Hi Grace
What an absolutely adorable bunny :)
...Saying Hello and giving you a *Wave* from here in the UK :)
Shaz x

Hermine said...

Absolutely awesome

Karen Taylor said...

I want to beg...but won't...but you could pick me and it would be better than picking your nose!!
In love with your blog...wonderful giveaway!
I would love for you to come to mine and follow too...love new followers but most of all I love new friends!


Astrid Maclean said...

Lovely to meet you!!
Your giveaway is gorgeous and beautiful, would love to win!
Hugs from bonny Scotland.
PS if you have a mo, please come and visit my giveaway too:o)

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Greetings!...So pleased to visit your lovely blog. I am a Canadian Mixed Media and Digital Artist and look forward to meeting a new friend. I hope you will visit my blog as well.

Thank you for including me in your wonderful gift draw. Hugs, Gayle.

Jorgelina said...

Great giveaway.
Please enter my name.Thanks

Healing Woman said...

I would give him a good home if you let me adopt him! Hope I win. Please add me to the draw and stop by to visit at number 92.

Jane said...

Hi your work is beautiful and that bunny is just gorgeous. I only found OWOH today, such a great idea! Warm wishes from the UK

Angelcat said...

Oh wow, Glen is sooooo cute!

Ellen said...

very cute!
greetings from Canada!

Izzy said...

Aaaaaw... I make boxes for kids but Glen just took my breath away! So cute! Of course I would like to have him... Thank you for the chance!
Stop by my blog when you get the chance!

Donna said...

Thank you for taking the time to offer this lovely gift and thank you for the oppertunity to win!

Maggi said...

Flying in from One World One Heart! :)

Nice to meet you Grace and Glen too, he is ADORABLE!!! I'm sure I could give him a great home! :D Thanks for having me over!

You're welcome to visit my OWOH post anytime!

Happy Blog Discovery!

Homemaker Honey said...

G'Day from Brisbane! I {heart} your little bunny. He would find a lovely home here and make a fabulous Easter addition.

homemakerhoney@ gmail .com

My OWOH giveaway:

bensonbear said...

Adorable, Grace. Please choose me! :o)

Arya said...

What a stunning little creature! Thank you for being apart of the OWOH journey!


Artful Musings said...

Your prize is so sweet. Hailing you from sunny Arizona USA. I've enjoyed visiting your blog and learning about you and your art. I hope you’ll visit my blog and signup to win my prizes. Laura

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Hope you have oodles of fun during Your blog is terrivic as is everything you make. OWOH. Thanks for your generosity and participation in the event. Count me in please.
visionquest2020 AT msn DOT com

Shirley said...

What a sweet bunny!

Viola said...

So cute! Absolutely awesome!!Please count me in!Hope you'll stop by my both blogs too! :-)


The Altered Paper said...

I love your cool creation! And the description too! Count me in on this fun OWOH event giveaway! Thanks Tee creationsbytee@gmail.com

Micki said...

What an awesome bunny! I would make a very special spot for him. He is wonderful! Please visit my giveaway at my Irish blog which is at

antmee said...

So adorable! Would love for him to come stay at my place! Thanks for a great owoh giveaway!

Pattee said...

Oh please enter me in your hat of names... he is just darling!!!! A for adorable!
: ) Pattee

Jodaeodesign said...

How darling! Please include me in your drawing.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

He really is fun and happy...and has a cute tail! I would love to give him a home here in Florida! Thanks! Please come by to visit me, too! ♥ http://lavenderdreamstoo.blogspot.com/

Janine said...

Hallo, nice to meet you
Thank you for giving us the chance to win your great doorprice.
This bunny is adorable.
Please count me in.
Come visit me on my blog,I join the OWOH- event too.
Regards from Germany and happy OWOH

Blissful Pumpkin said...

Hi Grace,
Glen is so cute. Please count me into your giveaway. I love your artwork , by the way.
Kyles =D

lori diane said...

he is adorable! i would love to win him!
visit me at #49 lori diane

Moriah said...

HEY THERE GRACE!!! Awwww.... how cute is Glen?? Love him!

Betty said...

Glen, you get home right now, I am waiting! How adorable! Visit my giveaways at #123 in the OWOH event.

Laura said...

I just felt in love with it!!..please,please,pleaseeee let me take it home with me!!;^P

Paper Bagley said...

...hoppy bunny is said as my grand daughter and I look at your site...so sweet...totally enjoyed your feel of the arts...come over and sit with us as we have treats...Tootsie...and little toots...

Cobblestone Creations said...

That little sweetie wants to come live with me! ❄ So nice to have met you through OWOH ~ I'm playing too ~ # 225 on the list.

RosA said...

He's simply gorgeous! And would be very welcome at my house! Please visit my blog, if you have time.

just me said...

so cute, please throw my name in the hat!!

greenest mermaid said...

Oh my gosh! How cute!! I would love to give this darling creature a home :)
Please feel free to visit my blog (greenestmermaid.blogspot.com) to check out my giveaways!
Thank you!

BabesbyBarb said...

what an adorable bunny he is

Kim Rae Nugent said...

I thought I would check out your blog based on your name and of course was happy to visit here! Please add me to your drawing for your adorable bunny.

Doreen G said...

As an ex Taswegian I would definitely take care of this little fellow if I won him.

PEA said...

Hi Grace, so lovely to meet you! Please add my name to your giveaway, I would love to win your delightful bunny:-)

Make sure you come over and enter my own giveaway if you haven't done so already!

Hugs, PEA xox

Cheryl said...

Greetings from Fresno, California :-)
Please enter me in your drawing for your lovely give-away gift.
~Cheryl over @ Artsy Fartsy

Lutka And Co. said...

Hi Grace!
Glen is adorable. Please enter me in your giveaway. When you get a chance, please stop by my blog. Thanks!


Digital Misfit said...

Pleased to meet you, Grace :)
I adore sweet little Glen!
Thank you for participating in this wonderful blog event. Please pop by my blog, #51 on the list, if you get a chance.
hugs from ON, Canada
Heidi aka Digital Misfit

Connie said...

What a terrific prize you are giving away! Please enter me in your draw. I really enjoyed looking around your blog!
connie from kauai, hawaii


Sunshineshelle said...

I LOVE YOUR BUNNNNNNNYYYYYYYY!!!!!! So sweet I'm a Queenslander Great to meet a fellow Aussie here, please come look around my blog (or feel free to follow) if you feel inclined maybe just pop in every now and then if in the bloggersphere, I'm fairly new to blogging & just realised I sound desperate to make new friends LOL) Now let's enjoy this hurly burly wonderful One World one Heart EXTRAVAGANZA :)

danit said...

Glen is adorable!

CathyH said...

Hello Grace! Wow, Tasmania sounds so far from Tennessee. I love Glen.
cathyguitarteacher-77 at yahoo.com

FairlyGirly said...

Glen is so cute, thanks for the chance to win your OWOH gift.

NatashaMay said...

Hi Grace! glen is adorable. I love his smile. :) Thanks for the chance to win him.

Wienermaedl said...

Soooo cute, I love your blog and will often come back.
Greetings from Vienna in Austria (no kangaroo :))

jenny said...

Hello Grace... from one aussie to another...
Oh how I love Glen... he is such a sweetie...
Am following along with you now... your work is gorgeous...

Will be back to visit soon...
Jenny x

Brenda said...

Glen is gorgeous. You are very talented.

Mrs Minimalist said...

Cute door prize, please do count me in and do pop over to enter my giveaway at
I am #218 in Lisa's list.

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Hello Glen! Would you like to come live in the Philippines? So cute! I love that he's coffee stained! Do come by and see if you'd like to win my prize! Patsy.paterno (at) gmail.com from

Tara... said...

So cute! Please count me in - i'll take good care of glen! Enjoy OWOH x

Lisa aka Myran said...

This little bunny is adorable!
This is my first time doing OWOH but I'm having so much fun traveling around the world just by sitting in my livingroom :) //Lisa #151

Antonella said...

Ciao! I am so happy to meet you today on the wings of OWOH! Thanks for a chance to win your wonderful giveaway - your bunny is SOOO cute!!
Hugs, ♥ ♥ ♥ Antonella :-) (#153)
Please stop by #153 for a chance to win my giveaway!

yoborobo said...

Greetings from Maryland, USA! I love your bunny! He is adorable! What a sweet face. If you love pumpkin or skelly plushies, come visit me, I am having a giveaway, too! :) Pam

Megan Chamberlain said...

I love your bunny, he is gorgeous. It is nice to meet you and read your blog.

Gabriela said...

Nice to meet you! hello from snowy Ohio!Love the bunny!
Gabriela #439

Mervi said...

Flying in from One World One Heart!

So nice to meet you,
beautiful bunny, hope to win.
Greetings from Finland;-))m


Cherry said...

Yea! I'm so glad to be here and to meet you. You have an awesome blog, and I love the adorable matchbox! Come check my blog out sometime. Thanks for entering me in your contest!


Diana said...

Hi from the U.S. Oh, he is darling. I would love to have him spend the day with me and keep me company on my desk. your the first person I know from Tasmania, it's nice to meet you.

Janet Ghio said...

Hello from Missouri-USA. Love your little guy. What a cutie! I would love to win him. I am also participating in OWOH. Stop by my blog!

Lezlei Ann Young said...

Oh please enter me in your OWOH Giveaway! If I am the winner, you can contact me at BREATHofART@aol.com. Take a moment to visit my blog and enter my OWOH Giveaway at www.breathofart.blogspot.com



I have been an admirer of your work for a while and to be able to win the cutest little bunny in the world would be awesome! My granddaughter calls me "Bunny"! I'm enjoying my worldwide blog tour! If I'm lucky enough to win, please contact me through my blog

Kristin Dudish said...

Hi Grace,
I absolutely adore Glen... he is fabulous (and the fact that he smells of cinnamon biscuits, even better.)

cheekyradish said...

Fun blog, and adorable little bunny... I'd love to win him and nestle him in with some of my favorites!! If you'd like, hop over to #521, and meet me!!

Sussie said...

Hi Glen! I am waiting for you here in Sweden! :)

Warmest regards Susan

nfmgirl said...

Oh, that is so cute! Please count me in. Thank you!


nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

Sharon said...

Oh Glen please come live with me. I will serve you tea and crumpets everyday.You are absolutely darling. Your creator is a very talented person. I will keep my fingers crossed. If you don't like tea and crumpets we can get you whatever you like...

Michaele said...

You even have cute eyelashes!!!!!!

I hope you'll drop by both of my giveaways (at Twigs and Tulle and Kindergarten's 3 R's: I'm giving away a mini bunting and some pattern blocks) during this awesome blogging event! Happy OWOH!


Dorthe said...

Hi dear, what a sweet and wonderfull Bunny-
I have heard of Tasmania- very much ,because of -Mary from Tasmania, that is now merried to the Danish Crown prince :)
yes I`m danish---
I will love to winn your great prize- and hope upi will visit be back-

Mimi said...

Glen would be very happy here, I promise!

Please stop by my blog and enter my OWOH giveaway also! I'm #590.

hoerauf at comcast dot net


Beadwright said...

Hello from the Pacific Northwest USA! I have enjoyed your blog and love your art.

Hoopie said...

A great blog. Thanks for being part of OWOH .

If you have time stop by my blog


Gracie "Neky White" said...

Really cute item!! Thank you so much for the chance to win =D

Come to enter my giveaway if you have time



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What talent you have. I took a quick look around your blog and was quite impressed. I don't think I've ever met anyone from Tasmania before. That little bunny really touched my heart. I'll be back after the event. I'm # 11, and would love to have you stop by if you haven't already.

Aimee Jeffries said...

Such a sweet bunny! Happy OWOH! Nice to meet you :)


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hello Grace! Pleasure to meet you. Happy OWOH! I don't think I've ever met anyone from Tasmania! Glen is one adorable little bunny - I fell in love with many creations in your shop. So cute! I warmly welcome you to come and visit with me:
Theresa #377

GraceBeading said...

Oh Glen - you adorable little thing! I wonder if you would like to live in the US - nothing like an island by a long shot where I live, but I would certainly make you comfortable. I will cross my fingers and hope my name/number is drawn and you can come home.

Thanks so much for the chance at this sweet little bunny.

#399 - come by and see me!

Marina said...

This bunny is sooooo cute! I'd love him to live with me!

Come see my giveaway too at

she dreams big! said...

This is the cutest bunny I have ever seen! I'm off to see what other creations your talent has come up with! Count me in please!

I'm #543 - come see me!


Sherry Edwards said...

Hello Grace, it's lovely to meet you ... and Glen!! He's adorable and I have just the place for him - should I be lucky enough to win!

I hope you'll stop by and see my giveaways too on my blog.

Sherry from England, UK (OWOH#133)

Nanbon44 said...

Please enter my name in your lovely giveaway-
Bonnie in Florida
Blogs #566 and #567 USA

Karla Rosendall said...

Beautiful work!


Shauna Henry said...

Your bunny is super cute! I'm loving all of your work :)

Happy OWOH! Stop by my giveaway if you have time!


Dolly said...

Aw I love your precious lil bunny!

He can come and live with me...I promise to give him lots of love!

Smiles, Dolly

My Journey to Hope said...

What an adorable bunny! I would love to win him! Please enter me in your giveaway, and stop by my blog to enter mine!


SheilaC said...

Thank you for the wonderful give away!


Rusted Wings said...

what a sweet little glenn you have created!!
i would love to give him a home in the mountains and forests of this awesome land!
please come visit my blog #30 on the list...
blessings & warm hugs from Montana!!

OfficeTYPE said...

Oh my how sweet is he! Thank you for the chance to win!

Cameron said...

I'd love the chance to welcome your sweet somebunny into my home....I'll have to wrestle him away from my 4 yr old, though :)

Cameron #83

Dena said...

Awe sweet, Grace I would cherish her.

Dena #324 OWOH

Daph said...

This is SO Fun exploring other peoples work.
I really Like your art:)

Kim Mailhot said...

You are one sweet bunny, Glen. I would be honored to give you a new home! I hope your creator has a superb OWOH flight journey!

Lucys Baby said...

Hi Grace, we're ADO friends. I love your work. P add my name.I'm in Bunny Love.

random thoughts do or di said...

I am so excited to participate in my first OWOH blog hop and giveaway. Your creativity is lovely. I think Glen is precious.
please check out my blog

Linda said...

Oh my gosh, this little rabbit is simply the sweetest! I've enjoyed your blog...it had me smiling the entire time!

Barbara Mason said...

Glen is a very lucky bunny to have such admiration from us all, Grace. Glen would promise to write to you if I win him!!!
Have a wonderful OWOH!!!
Come for a visit when you have the time...

Kathy said...

Well Glen I think you'll love your new home here in Las Vegas...there's so much to do and see you'll never get bored...promise. He's absolutely adorable and would love to have him. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway and it was great meeting you. I'm a new follower :D

Bright blessings,

calej said...

Absolutely adorable work and blog! Thank you for the chance! I'm a new follower :)

Hope you can join in my goodie giveaways as well! :)


calejbitsvyk at gmail dot com
calej d'art

Beckie Holso said...

Isn't this fun? I just love OWOH! Thank you for participating... please count me in for your terrific giveaway. If you get a chance, I hope you'll visit me too (if you haven't already).

Beckie =)
artbeckons at hotmail dot com
San Diego, California, USA

OWOH #119 http://artbeckons.blogspot.com
OWOH #132 http://papertraders-art.blogspot.com/search/label/Home

Dianne said...

How adorable! Love his little smirk. : )
Please enter me in your draw and if you wish, come to my blog #348 and enter mine also. Thanks.

Lynn Stevens said...

So stickin cute (thats a good thing) I'd love to be entered. #65 on the list

Carapace said...

Ah, what an amazingly sweet little fellow! I almost shouted, he's so cute- and it's 3 am here!

I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog, and maybe learning a bit about Tasmania!


Minxy said...

Just been for a nosey round your blog and boy do you make amazing dolls, and your art is pretty special too.
I would love a chance to win little Glen, he's adorable x
my e'mial is on my blog
Happy OWOH
hugs Minxy x

Keisha said...

Hello from Navada! I love your giveaway! Please count me in! Thank you!

Wanda AKA "Craftymule" said...

Hello from snow-covered Arkansas! It's nice meeting you and checking out your blog. Please enter me in your fantastic giveaway and be sure to stop by and enter mine, too. #215 on the list.

Warmest regards,

Wanda Eash
Two Crafty Mules

Tanya said...

Would love to give Glen a home, please enter my name for a chance to win
Thank you

Clayworks by Lisa Boucher said...

Hello Grace - What a fun blog, and that's definitely the cutest bunny I've ever seen! How creative you are. Thanks so much for adding me to your list! Wonderful to meet you, and I hope you'll stop by my blog and say hello. - Lisa from NH :) #338

Tami said...

What lovely art. Thanks for inviting us over. alyssasmom98@aol.com

Mrs Moen said...

Glen is such a darling; I would give him a happy home and his own quilt.-)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Greetings from Canada...it's nice to virtually 'meet' you!
Your creations are precious...I would love to give Glen a new home.
Have a Happy Day! xo

JoAnne said...

Your blog and artwork are delightful! Glen is quite the charmer. Do you think he'd be happy in NY?
Happy OWOH!

crafty creations said...

WHat a fabulous blog and a brilliant gift - I'm sure Glen would love to come live with me in the UK

Hilda no 177

Knot By Gran'ma said...

Your comments yesterday were really so nice... love reconnection with artists. This bunny is too cute! Thanks for visiting and sharing. Blessings of happiness!

M Ann M said...

I love your dolls. So cute! Please stop by my blog too if you haven't already, #74; my giveaway is a paper doll kit.

cottageprims said...

Sweet as can be! Count me in on the lovely giveaway.If I should be the lucky winner just leave me a comment on my blog.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Caroline said...

So cute!! Would love to have him, please enter me--thanks :)

Barbara said...

Hi, Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments.
It looks like you hada great exhibit at your home ... what a greta idea.
Very best wishes,
barbara from Brushes and Cloth

carylsrealm said...

Super cool! Please include me!
Caryl #270

HippieDog said...

oh your bunny is adorable....love dolls and love to make them too :) So nice to meet you.....Oh and crows are my passion. I'll be back soon that's for sure! Take care, Michelle of HippieDog #15

Holly said...

Hello from central Minnesota! Your giveaway is fabulous! Adorable little bunny tail! Thanks for the chance to win!

Lois0607 said...

I love your blog and you work. Very happy to find you. Please visit when you can...the tea is always on.

Halloween Folk Art by Melissa Valeriote said...

Greetings Grace! Glen is a cutie pie. So happy I got to stop by and peek into your artful life. Be sure to stop by and say hello and enter my giveaway as well. Cheers!

Emily R. said...

Very cute!


My blog, Not much Yet!

stampgram said...

Greetings from Cody, Wyoming! I love the name of your blog...maybe because I love crows! lol Your offering is awesome what a great little bunny! Please enter me.
If you have a moment stop by and enter my giveaways too.
# 385 http://stampgram.blogspot.com
# 132 http://papertraders-art.blogspot.com/search/label/Home

MaygreenFairies said...

Hello from the UK!! What a truly scrumptious giveaway. Please stop by my blog if you get the chance, and enter my giveaway. Mandy x

Dajon said...

Hey - Would love cute little glen to come and live here. Your wotk is charming and I wiil be back.

martha brown said...

Your bunny is so cute -- I'm off to look around your blog some more -- and I've added your etsy shop to my favourites :)Please enter me into your draw -- thank you so much!
~martha (#384)

Carol said...

Ooooh this Scottie would love to have Glen and his tartan trews come to stay :)

OWOH hugs
Carol H.

WondrousStrange said...

One World One Heart is such a fun way for all of us to connect. How I would love to own your lovely creation. Count me in:) Come by to see me at #234 when you have time:)

Sylvia Smiser said...

Hi Grace,
Your little bunny is absolutely adorable. My 10 year old daughter is looking over my shoulder as I travel through the blogs and she is so excited about your giveaway! If I win, he will come to a very loving home!!! Please pick us!!!

SpiritMama said...

Hi Grace!
Your little Glen is the cutest thing EVER!!! I love your work!


Waxela (wa-shay-la)
aka SpiritMama

peggy aplSEEDS said...

oh my, this little one is soooooo adorable!! i would be delighted to win him. Thanks so much for the chance to win! I hope you can come to visit me at http://peggyapl.blogspot.com/ and join my giveaway. Happy OWOH travels!

LauraO said...

Oh this one is too cute! So glad to meet another prim doll maker. Please count me in for the door prize!

jacque4u2c said...

Greetings from Louisville, KY - USA
Nice to meet you and visit your blog.
Winning your give away would be awesome!
Thanks for including me in your drawing..Come visit me, I am playing too.


My Creative Side said...

hi glen! you're adorable. come and migrate to sunny philippines...i hope i win you! thanks for the chance!


Shama-Lama Mama said...

Oh my gosh! That is the cutest little guy in the world!! I love his little quirky smile and the rosy cheeks. I had to go over to your etsy shop and wander around a bit. Your work is truly sweet! I would love to own this little guy. Thanks for the chance to win!


i can only cross my fingers for the win! cute! #220 needlewings@mac.com

Daydream Retreat said...

Well hello ADO friend, I adore your work and would LOVE to win but most of all I'm happy to be following your blog...I was surprised to find that I wasn't already :)

Halloween Spirit said...

Adorable! I so admire doll makers! Such patience you must have! Please sign me up!
Visit my giveaways at http://www.halloweenspirit01.blogspot.com and http://www.everyonescharming.blogspot.com
email - dootsyct@hotmail.com

Kim Henkel said...

Hello Grace,
SO nice to meet you, I love your work, and am happy to have found your blog! Glen is beautiful (he probably knows, but may be shy about it). Enjoy OWOH! I would love it if you stopped by my blog if you are able.

WhimsyLoft.com said...

Hello Grace, I am Grace too!
It's nice to meet you! I'm from Malaysia & also participating in OWOH 2011.
Please come visit me at:

whimsyloft [at] gmail [dot] com

quiltmom said...

What lovely creatures you make- how fun and each one has such personality.
Thanks for the opportunity to win such a cute animal.
I hope you are having a great time traveling around the blog festival. So many terrific bloggers out her in blog land to visit.
Enjoy the festival.
Warmest regards,

Gen said...

This is a lovely giveaway! fernandez.gen@gmail.com

Please visit my page too:

Rayna said...

Awww what a cutie! Greetings from the USA! northstarshetlands AT gmail.com

Pixie said...

Howdy Grace! Hope things are well with you! I do love Glen and you know he would be very welcome here in my home in England...

Kathy said...

Wow, such unique things you have. I absolutely love, love, love, the elephants. They bring a smile to my face. I'd feel very lucky to be the winner here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace, how on ever did I miss your blog! There is so much to see I was fatigued at the end of Day and passed you by
THis is such a neat site, I love the look of it Glen is splendid but I love rabbit and teddy too. Your creations are wonderful so please enter me in te draw for that tartn treasure Glen !
Please drop in and enter ours too, if you have time.
The Smug Beef

Emilie said...

What a cute little bunny!

Halle said...

My goodness..that is a cutest little bunny I've ever seen!
Thanks for the chance at your doorprize!
Stop by my giveaway as well.

Jolette said...

This is a sweet little bunny!
Like to win it....
Many greetings from the Netherlands,



WW said...

What a cute little rabbit

Quilt Azubi said...

sooo cute !!:))
I would love to win this little bunny !!
please count me in !!

greetings from germany

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace
Happy OWOH – so lovely to meet both you and Glen!
I have SO enjoyed exploring here - so much wonder, creativity and whimsy to delight my soul. Truly gorgeous!
Sparkling blessings, my two new friends, as we continue on this amazing flying adventure – may sunlight and starshine brighten your way!
Hugs Jo xx #263

CreativSpirit said...

Hi Grace, greetings from another Aussie. I live on the Mid North Coast of NSW near Port Macquarie.
I would love Glen to come and live at my place, he is so very cute.
Please come by and say hello at #9


Kristin said...

Oooh, you are so talented! I would be honored to have this little one in my home ;) thank you for the opportunity and please check mine out if you'd like. Kristin (#73) xo

rebecca's rainbow kisses said...

Greetings from frozen Massachusetts. I love your blog. I am now a follower. Your work is amazing. I love the little bunny and your art is lovely.
#393 Rebecca

Danielle said...

Love it! What a cute little guy


Anonymous said...

Oh he is sooooo adorable, what a cute little fella.
thanks for the chance to win your lovely door prize and for giving us the opportunity to get to know you and your art
hugs June

Lynn said...

Hi from Victoria (AUS), how super cute is your little guy!! You are so talented in your craft :)
Lynn xxx

You are always welcome to visit me downunder :)

Dawn said...

Adorable bunny, Grace! Isn't OWOH a beautiful way to discover great blogs?
Please visit my blog too, (Art of Humungous Proportions) when you get a chance.
Cheers ~

Pat Haight said...

Oh, Glen is so adorable. That face just melts my heart ☺

Carolyn or Connee said...

such a sweet little bunny...I love hand made animals. Carolyn Kight Michigan USA


email: cmkights@tc3net.com
another email carolynleekight@gmail.com (I like this one the best.)
I hope I win this little one. Please come to my blog and see my dolly and piggy banks.

Fallingladies said...

enter me in your giveaway, I love this little guy!

Pixiewinkle said...

Glen is so cute! And from Tasmania too! Please count me in. Enjoy your flight. Patricia OWOH #498

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Pleasanton, California
Please enter me in your lovely giveaway -- I collect bunnies!
as I am born year of the rabbit :)

If you have time to visit me


I am giving away 7 different things 
& if you want, please join my blog too!
Thanks for the entry & consideration.

Blessings ♥ tere

"Kung Hei Fat Choi!"
祝┏┯┓┏┯┓┏┯┓┏┯┓ ♥♥(\ /)♥♥
福┠鴻┠┨兔┠┨大┠┨展┨ *ღ( . .)ღ*
你┗┷┛┗┷┛┗┷┛┗┷┛ CC(”)(”)))
Happy Chinese New Year!

Anonymous said...

love it! will be back for sure.

For My Sweet Daughter said...

Glen would have a wonderful life with me in NY. I hope I am lucky!!!
formysweetdaughter at hotmail.com

jane p said...

Grace, I found your blog! I love the little bunny. You know what I like best about it? That little smile. How did you manage to get it just right? My girl smiles like that too just to amuse me.

R. und I. Bungart said...

beautiful giveaway, please count me in.

Greetings from germany

discodog01@hotmail.com said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Glen is a cutie patootie.

Please check out my blog too-

Seattle WA

jonaks said...

Glen is so cute. and he has the same name as my hubby!

Noemi said...

Hi Grace,
How exciting to have an open house day. By the photos it look really good.
A big hug from Spain.
By the way, that little bunny is the cutest!

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