Art on Walls and Boxes, Open House Art Exhibition

Clifton Pugh's first Dunmoochin studio where I'd completed a two month residency in 2010.
Little Black Crow will be working like a buzz ass bee for the next few weeks as she prepares for an exhibition and paintings for SGS Gallery in Melbourne.... and a private solo exhibition in Hobart.

I'll be handing out flyers and sending emails to friends and Tassie family for Art on Walls and Boxes, opening Friday 28 Jan. OS friends are welcome too if you happen to be flying this way.
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The Hermits' Garden said...

Good luck and good job!

Sophia-LaLa said...

How exciting!! Well done.

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Grace,

I’ve posted a meme on my Blog and you have been chosen for The Stylish Blogger Award.

Feel free to not participate. But if you do the posting is found here.


Hugs, Euphoria,

Mary said...

Congrats Grace, wishing you all the luck for your upcoming exhibitions! I know you will do well, your paintings are awesome!!!